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Case Study: 170% Increase in Conversions for a Local Business

Client Background

Business Overview:

My client is a prominent gym chain with multiple locations strategically positioned across Chicago. As a leading fitness center, they offer diverse services, from high-adrenaline cycling sessions and internationally acclaimed Les Mills classes to personalized training sessions. 

Previous Marketing Efforts:

Before our collaboration, the gym had dabbled in various marketing endeavors, with SEO, paid search, and programmatic channels in place. Unfortunately, these past efforts yielded limited success. 

Target Audience:

The gym primarily targets residents of the Chicagoland area — individuals looking for essential gym equipment up to elite personal training classes. They cater to those who prioritize comprehensive amenities, a diverse range of classes, and an unparalleled gym experience in their fitness journey.


1. Stiff Competition:

In the bustling health and fitness scene of Chicago, the gym competes with numerous other fitness centers for the attention of the city’s residents. 

2. Underwhelming Conversion Rates:

While the gym enjoyed consistent online visibility, this didn’t translate into expected membership sign-ups. 

3. Technical SEO Setbacks:

The gym’s website was plagued with a host of technical issues that affected user experience and SEO performance, including slow site speed, numerous broken links, and stale content.


1. Boost Conversion Rates:

Obviously, the objective was to increase site traffic and ranking keywords, with the eventual goal of increasing the rate at which website visitors turn into members by conversions. 

2. Technical SEO Overhaul:

Undertake a comprehensive revamp of the website’s technical infrastructure:

  • Fix Broken Links
  • Content Refresh
  • Cleaning up on-page SEO issues 

3. Amplify Actions on Google Business Profiles:

Boost engagement and interactions on the gym’s Google Business Profile by optimizing the profiles and increasing the review count. 

Strategy & Implementation

1. Keyword Optimization:

Based on competitor analysis, I curated a keyword database that contained all existing keywords and “untapped” keywords that competitors ranked for that my client did not. Then, I mapping each URL to a specific keyword for targeted relevance future optimizations and sought client approval.

2. On-Page SEO:

I optimized the meta tags, headings (H1), alt texts, URLs, title tags, and internal links to enhance alignment with designated keywords.

3. Content Cleanup:

I removed dozens of outdated pages that lacked meaningful metrics (impressions, keywords, backlinks, traffic) to declutter the site and sharpen its SEO focus. I then began creating two new keyword targeted content assets each month to increase topical authority and organic keyword rankings

4. Link-Building:

I initiated a campaign to acquire authoritative backlinks, targeting reputable sites within the fitness sector.

5. Google Business Profile Audit:

I audited each of the Google Business Profiles with my proprietary 50-point audit and then optimized the gym’s profiles. I also refined some of the settings and emphasizing the importance of attaining more positive member reviews.


1. Increased Average Position from 42 to 17

For the top 100+ tracked keywords, their average position of all of them increased substantially, with 15 improving into the top 3 and another 53 into the top 10.

2. Their Google Business Profiles Received an Increase Interactions

3. Website Organic Keyword Rankings Increased by 30%

4. Due to increased rankings and site traffic, conversions (goal completions) increased by 170% YoY!

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